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Explore an alien technology as a pack of computer bugs

The multi-companion sci-fi metroidvania


Skitter ceilings, spawn bots, hack your surroundings, and discover upgrade chips exploring this massive multi-companion sci-fi metroidvania.

Bugg and the Bionic Seeds is a multi-companion sci-fi metroidvania set in a hybrid world of nature and machine. On your journey:

  1. Explore an ancient alien technology embedded in an unknown planet
  2. Unlock and spawn companion bots that hack your surroundings to solve puzzles
  3. Collect artifacts and upgrade chips to customize your abilities


An ancient alien technology breathes beneath the surface. Embedded long ago she's functioned flawlessly until now. By design, she leaves computer-creature hybrids and a mysterious growth in her wake. By error, one hybrid mutates and breaks an infinite loop slumber.

Bugg is born.


The root inspiration for Bugg arose many years ago when looking at a motherboard. All the board's components combined with its circuits looked like a challenging platformer map for some non-existent video game. I then instantly thought how fun would it be to physically manifest and control a computer bug to traverse the platforms? Bugg was born.

The game takes additional inspiration from the below games and concepts.

Ori and the Blind Forest · Gris · Limbo · Metal Gear Solid · Splinter Cell · Horizon Zero Dawn · Pid · Hob · Hollow Knight · Ori and the Will of the Wisps · Thomas Was Alone · Magic the Gathering · printed circuit boards · FUI


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