All articles below are based on one (or a blend) of the following topics:

  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Programming/Engineering

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Syntax Synergy - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as One Language


Feb 15, 20186 min read

Diagonal & Slanted Image Grid Web Design UI

Visual Design

Oct 13, 20172 min read

The Ternary and Bracket Notation Pattern in JavaScript


Sept 15, 20172 min read

Scene Shot Bookmarks in Unity


July 9, 20173 min read

The Event Aggregator Pattern in Unity


June 23, 20173 min read

Neural Networks for Noobs


May 7, 20175 min read

The Language Agnostic Anatomy of a Source Code File


Dec 2, 20166 min read

Multiple Transclusion Before Angular 1.5


Nov 3, 20163 min read

Angular 2 Routing - The Basics


July 13, 20162 min read

Considering the Underused Planar Slider Component in User Interfaces

Visual Design
Interaction Design

June 7, 20166 min read

Angular 2 Move and Nudgeable Directive


May 20, 20162 min read

Pablo - Image Editing App in Angular 2


May 18, 20164 min read

Angular 2 IndexOf Pipe


May 12, 20163 min read

30 Days of Design Experiments

Visual Design

Apr 4 - May 4, 20163 min read


Visual Design

Mar 17, 20164 min read

Natural Sort in Angular JS


Feb 21, 20163 min read

Lazy Loading Carousel Images in Angular Bootstrap


Jan 25, 20164 min read

Deep Linking Dynamic Anchors in AngularJS


Dec 13, 20153 min read

An Efficient Event Delegation Approach in Unity


Jul 3, 20154 min read

ScrubbingSpeed.js - Variable Scrubbing Speed Slider

Interaction Design

Jun 1, 20155 min read

Material Design Overscroll in Vanilla JavaScript

Interaction Design

Apr 15, 20159 min read

Interaction Design Pattern - Execute and Exit

Interaction Design

Mar 22, 20156 min read

Unity Collision Detection in 25 Seconds


Feb 21, 20153 min read

The RAD-Four Process

Visual Design
Interaction Design

Feb 16, 201512 min read

AngularJS WindowEventsService - Centralized Throttled Window Events


Feb 15, 20154 min read

JavaScript Bracket Notation - Practical Examples


Feb 9, 20157 min read

The Anatomy of Visual Design - Elements, Principles, and Constructs

Visual Design

Feb 1, 20155 min read

In the Pipeline

  • 3D Layer Panel
  • Adobe XD Repeat Grid in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • The Event Loop Machine
  • Click-Tab to Select Element in Layered UI
  • Archer Title Sequence in HTML5 and CSS3
  • 3D Drag and Drop
  • Contextual Find Widget using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Scope Highlighter Concept in Sublime Text 3
  • Apple Spotlight Shortcut on Windows 10
  • Morph Modal
  • Interaction Design Pattern - First-Generation Locality
  • Auto Anchor Link Script
  • A Catalog of UI Transitions and Effects
  • Nodelet - Pattern-Based Design
  • Extending Angular UI Bootstrap Tabs
  • AngularJS Content Stacker Directive
  • GIF Stream
  • Proximity Hover UX Concept
  • VisualHistory.js
  • Autoplay in Unity
  • Unity's "Add Components" Menu in JavaScript
  • SmartSwitcher - Optimized View Switching and Inflating
  • ScrollLight.js
  • AngularJS Menu Aim
  • Drag and Drop Auto-Scroll
  • Expand-DOM.js