Lean Frontend Engineering

By Bill Scott


  • Read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • Lean UX
    • MVP – minimum viable product
    • Build/test/learn
    • Know when to pivot - a new/better/specialized product may me what needs to be created instead (you only know to pivot via feedback)
    • Release in small batches (iterate)
  • Lean UX – 3 Key Principles
    • Shared understanding – more understanding, less documentation
    • Deep collaboration – ideas come from many voices, trust is essential
    • Continuous customer feedback – lifeblood of the team, eradicate politics
  • Healthy product lifecycle
    • Discover customer insights (observe in the real world, don’t assume, get feedback)
    • Define Customer Problems (based on observations determine the problems or areas of improvement)
    • Define Solutions Concepts (determine potentially solutions)
    • Deliver and Test (implement and test the determined solutions)
  • Anti-Patterns
    • Ensure the genius designer’s ideas are tested with users/customers. A genius designer may ultimately clash with another genius designer’s ideas.
    • The formation of tribes/groups of people is natural and ok, but ensure that collaboration with other tribes/groups doesn’t stagnate.
    • Newcomer, ensure they get the cadence of what is trying to be done and recognize early they fit.
    • Going Dark, working in isolation from time to time is necessary, but don’t let collaboration stagnate as a result.
    • Shared understanding, always ask what do you mean by X? Ensure jargon is understood.