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How to Customize the Sidebar Theme

I prefer a dark theme with hints of my daklab green as can be seen below. You can download my sublime sidebar daklab theme or follow the steps below to customize your own.

Sublime Text 2 Sidebar Daklab Theme

You can customize it yourself by following these steps:

  1. In Sublime Text 2 select Preferences > Browse Packages
  2. Open the Theme – Default folder and then open the Default.sublime-theme file – preferably in Sublime Text :)
  3. Make your desired edits – You can reference the comments in the image below for the areas of interest

Special Thanks

I first discovered how to do this via this stackoverflow post but thought I could add to it by showing an example and providing imagery with comments identifying which edits will affect which areas. It’s easy to figure out but this is an aid for quickly making edits.

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