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UML (Unified Modelling Language) is used to organize coding and development projects visually while being language agnostic. This is powerful because you can greatly decrease development time by creating a high level map of your entire program. In essence you create a visual map that defines class packages, class relationships, and the core methods and properties of those classes. In doing so you have a visual map of your program that you can reference to plan your development strategy and timing. UML is nothing new, but the implementation as well as the features of Crocus Modeller make UML simple, efficient, and fun.

Crocus Modeller

Crocus Modeller is an AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) application that really empowers development. It is designed specifically for the Flash Platform, but in communicating with the developer via email, they are considering supporting languages other than just Actionscript 3. You can read about the tool at the official website to learn more and test drive the application. Below I’m simply going to point out my favorite features of the tool.

Favorite Features

Diagram to Code

This feature is super powerful, it enables you to auto create packages, classes, and the defined properties and method signatures that you’ve defined in your UML map. Take a test drive here and see how awesome this is for yourself.

Code to Diagram

This feature is just as powerful but enables you to create a UML map based on a preexisting project structure. This enables you to see the entire program from a bird’s eye view to understand the project without having to dig deeply into the source code.

Type Completion

Crocus Modeller actually auto-completes AS3, Flex, and your custom types. This is a must for any developer.

These three features are very powerful and extremely helpful. There are many other features that play a large role in Crocus Modeller, but these are the stand-outs in my book. Check out the rest of the features at I highly recommend you at least take the test drive for Crocus Modeller to see if it will help you. I have a strong hunch that it will as it is a very helpful and powerful tool. It also accomplishes something that isn’t an easy task… it makes using UML fun.

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